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Pirkko Kasanen

Pirkko Kasanen


Pirkko Kasanen

tel +358 400 413 008


Stakeholder collaboration
Project coordination
Energy efficiency
Energy policy

Pirkko Kasanen (EMBA, Ph.D.) is a trusted and commended project and programme coordinator and evaluator. Pirkko is a mediator who carries out accurately also tasks that others find boring. She has worked in different roles for a number of EU projects. Pirkko has a skill to combine research and practise as well as expertise from different fields. Based on her education and work experience, Pirkko understands both research and business worlds. She has a Ph.D. degree form Boston University. Her strongest expertise is in projects related to energy efficiency and energy saving.

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Pirkko Kasanen
Tel +358 400 413 008

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Research Director
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