Johanna Kohvakka

Johanna Kohvakka


Johanna Kohvakka

Tel. +358 44 0241 011


Circular Economy
Food Waste
Sharing Wconomy
Environmental impact of materials

Johanna is an expert in sustainable development and the circular economy, specializing in food waste and other circular and sharing economy solutions. Johanna has experience in the creating, planning and practical implementation of circular economy business models (e.g. Loop, a waste food restaurant, Froodly GO, a food waste reduction game, a Waste Trainer concept and a food waste and circular economy festival). She has consulted and carried out joint projects with numerous companies and public sector actors, e.g. HSY and the Ministry of Environment of Cyprus in relation to reducing food waste in households, industry and shops, promoting recycling, reducing littering the seas and in addition she has published a waste food reduction guide.

Kohvakka also specializes in the climate and environmental impacts of various material solutions. She has written a non-fiction book “Good, bad plastic – reduce wisely” together with Liisa Lehtinen. The book gave rise to a pilot to develop a deposit system for takeaway containers for restaurants.

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